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Partner in English – Greek and international legal issues

KPAG Kosmidis and Partners law firm has its headquarters in Thermaikos – Thessaloniki, Greece; we also have branches in the city center of Thessaloniki, Athens and an office in Munich, Germany, the latter offering services to our German clientele.

KPAG Kosmidis Partner HQ


Thessaloniki City Office

Munich Office

Partner for international legal advice

On the basis of detailed knowledge of different legal systems, we provide specialized services since 1992 and cross-border advice in relation to international law. All our associates are cross-national consultancy specializing – mostly through long years of residence, study and work experience in different countries. With our office in Thessaloniki, as well as with our national and international network, we build a stable and reliable bridge for companies to Greece.

Think global, act local – Take advantage of our cross-national legal culture

Kosmidis & Partners Law Firm is a partner of international companies and advises on the establishment of national structures, while respecting their business culture. For this reason we have teamed up well into an

international cooperation network. Our partners and associates are licensed to litigate before all German and Greek courts, including the Greek Supreme Court, Areios Pagos in Athens.

Law Firm - Kosmidis  & Partners

Positions outside bidirectional

Specific needs of our clients have led to specialization in the efficient and cost effective handling and disposal of cases from other countries to Greece and vice versa. Particular emphasis is placed on the areas of corporate law, commercial law, company formation, representation of companies, but also on debt recovery. In this regard, we work for major international corporations.

International Office for international legal issues relating to Greece

We offer cross-border legal advice and binding answers to complex questions. Our range of services covers civers preventive consultation with respect to contracts, obtaining credit information about potential partners and customers in Greece, conflict management in private and corporate crises and the ongoing work on dispute resolution without resorting to litigation. We use the latest communications technology to ensure an optimum flow of information both domestic and abroad, thus providing an easy and optimal management of the cases of clients from abroad.