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Tax Consulting

Tax Consulting

Comprehensive tax and accounting services

Offering comprehensive consulting to companies abroad requires specialized accounting and tax advice. For this reason, our law firm maintains an integrated accounting and tax-consulting firm specializing in medium and large companies from abroad setting up subsidiaries or branches in Greece.

Our tax department specializes in cross-border tax and accounting, as well as offering timely, effective and binding solutions to complex challenges of foreign businesses and companies. The first challenge is to adapt an already proven business model to the specific national requirements and successfully implement it through specialized professionals, such as accountants, lawyers, tax advisors, auditors etc. The second challenge is to ensure, acting in cooperation with the parent company, that the Greek subsidiary or branch operates smoothly in its tax and accounting matters. In addition to the language requirements, such challenges require a basic understanding of business practice and the expectations of foreign companies, deep knowledge of the accounting standards used internationally, as well as an efficient, prompt and reliable communication.

The external tax advisors and accountants are fluent in English, Greek and German. They are characterized by their long-term cooperation with foreign companies and their experience in tax and accounting issues, both in the field of national and international tax law. Our main focus areas are:

1. Accounting

2. Tax consulting