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Inheritance Law, Brain Guide

Abraam Kosmidis – Themis Tosounidis: Internationales inheritance law Greece, Beck Verlag 2006 (german language)
Abraam Kosmidis – Themis Tosounidis: ZEV 10/2005, 03/2006, 09/2006, 05/2007, 09/2007, 09/2008, 10/2009, 2010
Abraam Kosmidis: Company and commercial law Greece – Rainbow Portal
Abraam Kosmidis: property law, GIS
Themis Tosounidis: copyright and internet, 2004
Abraam Kosmidis: German-Greek Chamber of Commerce, Investment guide Greece, company law, M & A
Abraam Kosmidis: New Energies, AHK – Portal
Abraam Kosmidis: Italian-Greek Chamber of Commerce, Investment Guide Greece, greek law about commercial agents
Kosmidis / Tosounidis: Compendium of debt recovery in Europe, executed part: debt recovery in Greece (german language), Hauptstadtische Verlags- und Beratungsgesellschaft HBVG, 2009

Münchener Kommentar zum Straßenverkehrsrecht: StVR
Band 3: Internationales Straßenverkehrsrecht

Greek country section edited by the KPAG lawyers Abraam Kosmidis, Themis Tosounidis, Aris Kapsalis

Legal commentary

2018. 1200 pages, cloth-bound
C.H.BECK ISBN 978-3-406-66353-6
Format (W x H): 16,0 x 24,0 cm

umwandlungsrecht for inheritance lawWidmann | Mayer – Umwandlungsrecht

Widmann | Mayer “Umwandlungsrecht” is the benchmark in Germany transformation law. Abraam Kosmidis has edited the part “Umwandlungsrecht Griechenland” (Greek transformation law), containing the different Greek company types, transformations (merger / change of form / demerger / cross-border commutation etc.), and tax law about transformations, etc. Published in December 2011.

International inheritance law Greeceinheritance law Greece - Internationales Erbrecht Griechenland (in german language)

By Abraam Kosmidis, Rechtsanwalt und Dikigoros and Hand Hans-Peter Schommer, retired judge, assistance of Themistoklis Tosounidis, Dikigoros, LL.M.

C. H. Beck, 2007. XXIV, 314 pages,
ISBN 978-3-406-56396-6

Europa Handbuch Inkasso ideal for inheritance law in Europe

Europa-Handbuch Inkasso

Debt recovery in Europe (german language) 352 pages,
ISBN 3-9811386-0-0