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International Specialisation

International Specialisation

Specialising in international legal issues relating to Greece

Our employees’ professional, social and cultural backgrounds give them the perfect basis from which to specialise in international legal issues relating to Greece, Europe and beyond. It was their initial decision, though, to practise as lawyers in Greece on behalf of medium-sized and large companies with business interests in Greece and other countries which lead to specialist lawyers and experts merging to form an international cooperation network

Greek lawyers: specialisation in cross-border business law

Kosmidis & Partners is an internationally active firm of solicitors specialising in commercial law. We have specialised in this field to be able to provide your company with comprehensive, expert advice. We have tailored our services in the following fields to medium-sized and large German, British and American companies:

We offer private clients the following services:

Our many years’ experience of specialising in international legal issues creates the perfect conditions for us to carry out clients’ international instructions in a practical, effective and successful manner.

International Specialisation: Forming companies in Greece

For years there has been constant growth in company formations in Greece. Many areas of the domestic market are not yet opened up or saturated, whilst Greece offers the requisite security for investments because of its stable political and economic system. Companies’ subsequent need for international legal advice and guidance requires speedy, practical and authoritative answers to new and complex questions. Our practice also specialises in international inheritance law.

Expert advice in special areas of international & Greek legal matters

We feel that we are equal to the need for advice in these areas of law because of our extensive experience and the care with which we carry out our clients’ instructions efficiently and cost-effectively. Our range of services is complemented by comprehensive preventative advice before conclusion of contracts, and obtaining information on the creditworthiness of potential signatories to contracts.