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Lawyers in Athens and Thessaloniki

Greek legal consultants and lawyers in Athens and Thessaloniki – international | intercultural | interdisciplinary

As a firm of specialist commercial law solicitors based in Greece, legal experts Kosmidis & Partners have worked on European and international legal issues since 1992. Due to our consistent specialisation in international law points of law, we guarantee the optimum environment and conditions for effective and successful resolution of international legal cases.

Experience cannot be replaced by anything else. Our year long experience and competence in cross-border business offers additional insurance to your projects.

When businesses expand abroad, specialist knowledge of international legal issues is required, from planning the legal aspects to making the plan a reality. Our clients benefit from each individual lawyer’s specialisation and from the whole legal team’s many years of experience ininternational legal matters. Law firm Kosmidis & Partners (Greek Lowyers) has specialised in providing consultancy services to English-speaking businesses in Greece. Our audiovisual presentation gives more details information about our Greek legal law firm

The whole is more than the sum of its parts – global partners in Greco-English and international legal matters

We provide specialised services based on a profound knowledge of the different legal systems and cultural spheres, and act as international consultants in the English-speaking area and Greece. As your partner and global legal and management consultant in Greece, we can advise you on all issues that are important to you and your company.

Cooperation with Greek legal practices in Greece and throughout Europe.

Internationally active Greek legal practice Kosmidis & Partners sees itself as a global partner to English-speaking businesses in Greece, irrespective of whether you are looking for a Greek attorney in Thessaloniki or a solicitor in Athens to handle your case, or whether you require a whole team of specialist lawyers in Greece for a more complex case.

Going international – interdisciplinary

Our many years of experience allow our law firm to offer comprehensive, one-stop solutions. With this in mind we have built up a close, interdisciplinary network of colleagues throughout Greece. Our partners include English-speaking:

  • notaries
  • auditors, tax consultants and accountants
  • national and international cooperation with lawyers and tax consultants
  • estate agents
  • management consultants
  • civil engineers and experts

We are thus able to deliver rapid, practical and effective solutions for all corporate matters in Greece. Wherever you are in the country, our network will be there to assist you, whether you are planning to do business in the Thessaloniki and Athens conurbations, or in other regions such as Kavala, Drama, Serres, Larissa, Volos, Patras or Crete.

Going international – international

We are able to represent you in almost every country in the world through our European and international cooperation network.